York Seniors Tour Newly Completed Near Point Trail

A group of York Seniors joined us for a tour and guided hike at our new headquarters last Friday!

We had 15 participants who toured our new office building on Long Neck Marsh Road with YLT’s Executive Director Doreen MacGillis, and then took a guided walk down our newly opened Near Point Trail with YLT’s Stewardship Director Joe Anderson. The flat and wide-open trail was recently completed with the help of Maine Conservation Corps. members and volunteers. It meanders through open fields and then down a path through the forest to views of the salt marsh along Smelt Brook.

Along the path, Joe pointed out the great environmental trove of the York River and its role as a biological hotspot in the region. For example, it’s a nursery for 28 species of fish including rainbow smelt, alewife, American eel and brook trout. It’s also habitat for more than 100 bird species!

Thanks to YLT Board Member Debby Ethridge, who brought along a spotting scope, we were able to observe a Northern Flicker and a Downy Woodpecker in the forest portion of the path. These beautiful sitings remind us why our efforts to protect this land in partnership with other conservation groups is so important to the region— both for the wildlife that makes its home in and around the river, and for the quality of the water within the river itself.

This hike was one in a series offered in partnership with York Senior Center this summer. The next one will take place on Wednesday, August 30th at Hilton-Winn Preserve. For more information and to register, please contact Janis Marshall-Colby at 363-1036 or jmarshall@yorkmaine.org.